A groundbreaking application makes these proven raising attainment techniques

easy for the maths or SEN teacher to apply

The timely practice app

timely practice a maths teaching tool to accelerate the progress of underachieving and low attaining students


Accurate, up to date
assessment for learning tracks depth of learning and mastery learning building learning on firm foundations makes teaching and learning both easier and pacier

Timely Practice

Personalised assignments use spaced learning to ensure students retain their learning and can independently and accurately apply their learning within exams.

Exam Style Questions

A text book's worth of exam style questions linked to bite size pieces of learning used in teaching examples, practice worksheets, remind-me videos and personalised review assignments.

Easy Marking

Meaningful, motivating, manageable marking a simple tap on phone, tablet or computer serves a single purpose: to advance pupil progress and outcomes.

Cloud Based

All tracking data pre assess, post assess and review is safely stored in the cloud. Teachers access data on any device; planning, teaching, learning, marking, reviewing and tracking are seamlessly linked.

Our Offer

free trial of app and resources - September 2017 to July 2019

we provide

  • use of app
  • training in use of app
  • use of our resources
  • confidentiality with respect to students and schools data

you agree to

  • use the app regularly with the class (normally 3 times a week)
  • provide comparative data of class' attainment and progress
  • (compare to similar class in same/previous year)
  • allow each teacher to attend one day of INSET
  • (INSET is twilight over 4 sessions - provided free in your school/online)

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